Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm back!

I'm back with no excuses! Too much reading of blogs, stitching (and finishing!) and , of course, I had to fit some work in somewhere!

I have lots of photographs of this and that so here we go! In completely random order -

This was my first ornament for the 2009 Christmas Challenge but as you can see all did not go according to plan, serves me right for using a directional fabric! Out came the seam ripper and all was made good.

The ornament is resting on an ancient rocking horse that has served three generations and now sits in our dining room in state. The chart is a freebie and I think it's called Four Fat Friends from The Drawn Thread.

I am stitching a nine part SAL on the Stitchers Heaven Yahoo Group. The designer is Pelin Tezer and the piece is called Alla Turca, the motifs being based on those in Turkish carpets, Turkey being Pelin's native land. It's a peaceful stitch, especially when the world seems a little unfriendly. I'm using an unknown piece of evenweave in a shade of clay/putty and a Waterlilies silk, Navajo. Pelin suggested earth tones and this one just seemed the right one.

However, if you look on Pelin's website under "With my Compliments" you will see an array of colours, all quite different but all quite wonderful!

It's time for bed so I shall continue "catch up" tomorrow. Tonight with the help of Himself I learnt how to insert links, I'm so proud of myself! Sleep well, see you tomorrow!